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Custom Coding

Sometimes you need something particular. Sometimes you just want a feature that's not the same as everyone else. Maybe your business requires a particular tool to interact with your customers, or to demonstrate your products.

That's where having your own Custom Coding comes in.

Custom Coding can come in all sorts of forms for most any purpose. These web pages are almost all generated by a fairly complex but efficient coding to lay out all the parts. Others range from generating simple tables of data, to stand-alone applications.

Other examples are more simple common code you might not even think of as programming code. Like the Feedback Forms, or the Search Tools, or the simple Page Counters, and even the Guidebar itself.

Most places would charge you $100 per hour and up for such premium grade personal coding. Here at Wilmoth Web Design you can have it at

just $35 per hour!

That's right, nearly one third the price. Look hard and see if you can find a better rate. Then see if their code is even half as good!

You might even make a better deal if it's software that might be of general use to Wilmoth Web Design for use in creating other web sites. Or of course start with one of our existing packages and go from there.

Contact Wilmoth Web Design with your Custom Coding needs, or even place a Quote Request to get things moving quicker!

Premade Software Packages

Photo Gallery

Make large collections of photos easily available, grouped by categories and subcategories with index thumbnails the user can easily page through. Already comes configurable for colors, default image sizes, style sheet enabled, display modes, and more.

The software automatically generates the thumbnails and medium sized images from the original full sized image, so it requires less work and less disk space putting them online.

Single site licence with setup support:

Single site licence, self install:

Selective Software and File Delivery

Make upgrades and file deliveries easy for visitors to your site by generating zip files on the fly to exactly what they select, assisted by intelligent version-aware code. No longer a need to keep many different copies of different zip file collections. Just store the actual files on your server and let the software ground, select, and deliver them to the user as needed.

Single site licence with setup support:

Single site licence, self install:

Serial Image Viewer

Simular in idea to the Photo Gallery, but based on a linear group of images, this software is perfect for viewing a comic strip series, or a product presentation, or a tour, or step-by-step directions, or any other simular series of images.

The viewer can easily progress stepping forwards and backwards through the selection, as well as jump to any desired image with the quick drop-down selector.

Features class-based modular design that allows you to embed any of the viewer parts (displayed image, guidebars, jump-to selector, title, etc.) exactly where you want them on an already PHP enabled page of your own, or simply use the default page layout provided.

Single site licence with setup support:

Single site licence, self install:

Documentation Reader

Have pages and pages of related text- or html-based information? Need some convenient way to group and deliver this infomation to the user with easy navigation? That's where the the Documentation Reader comes in.

Great for help files, operation manuals, documentation, written stories, and other groups of text style infomation.

Single site licence with setup support:

Single site licence, self install:

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